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First off... are we on cops again????

No. Any ruckus that occurs in the next little while is NOT because i recently joined the live journal cult. i have held off a while. my therapist sez to keep a journal and really, why keep it to myself when i can be self-indulgent and divulge all of the hysteria that is behind the circulation desk in my head to the online masses, who, in the end, are probably just as neurotic and compulsive as the next web journal keeping freakshow...or me. welcome to the circus girls.

2sidedkandinsky may explode without warning


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yah, thats me. whoa, wear some damned safety goggles, or something. On the upside, Mark O'Connor and Niki Six called and left me a message while i was in my native american goddamned studies class. turns out they want me to play on their crossover baroque disco emo album out this fall. whats hotter than that?

Speaking of native american goddamned studies... the yellow-eyed married sex god(in my lull-in-the-practice-room fantasies anyway)pounds on my door before class, how sweet. maybe tomorrow i wont still be in fucking bed when he comes a knockin'.

3 earmarks of a seriously engaging and stimulating native american goddamned studies class:

1. the professor refers to his gianormous coffee decanter as his "crack" (drugs, not butt)
2. said professor prefaces references to his past with "back in 'nam..."
3. said professor find ways to work marijuana into the discussion on a bi-hourly basis.

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go team

in other news, my seal pup called a left a message last night. huh. well... shit.
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23 May 2005 @ 08:30 pm
There is something inherently wrong with me and how i deal with fucking guys. Whoa there soldier, not fucking guys, but fuuuuucking guys. get the difference?

And another thing, I think the new comedic art form, for the next little while, for me, is going to be something involving coming up with ridiculous people to dub over foreign subtitled films...

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Bobcat Goldthwait and Julia Child anyone?

New goals?

avoid the kicked puppy and go to goddamned class
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