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28 October 2005 @ 12:32 am
myspace is getting crowded. i have a reputation to uphold there(sarcastic story telling... apparently my myspace blogging has a departmental following. who knew?) soo.... yeah. back to basics. i have all of this in my head and for one reason or another, having this all on paper in front of me is somehow more daunting and real than to have it "out there".... posted in the void.

cycles are silly. how are we ever going to get anywhere? i want to be more forward, with a clear trajectory. just call me linear lally.

in other news... the unhealthy things are getting unhealthier. im a silly, silly girl. why does seeing you still make me a little nervous? how did you ever get so good at putting me at ease and saying the right things? im getting less frustrated with you when you do dumb shit. that pattern has GOT to be put to rest. I caught myself feeling almost the same way I felt a year ago... about keeping track of and being accountable for someone. and look how that turned out. I want you to wake up tommorrow and to realize that you love me too.
Current Mood: PMSsy
Current Music: Nina Simone