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24 June 2005 @ 12:17 am
one monkey dont stop the show... but she might throw a wrench in it  
well fuck. i give it an hour. if he doesnt call in an hour it will be three nights in a row without talking. so silly. its not even that i have all that much to say. truth be told, i really dont. my class is ending, i can mostly(yah! thats right bitches, i didnt stall all day...and even peeled out. ok.. its rigoddamneddiculous that im so excited about this)drive my car... uh... other than that? i got nothin.

I was going to practice today... but got lost somewhere along the way. i watched this documentary on american universities and all the problems facing them... and then i realized why i GOT internet at my house in the first place and started looking around at some more schools. scary stuff

the divide between yawns wide. am i strong enough to do this? am i capable to let it all out with out letting the wave crest and evntually consume me?
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